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Start Your Business (SYB)

Duration: 5 Days Audience: All people with feasible business idea

  • From 3,000 UAE dirhams

Service Description

Overview Start Your Business (SYB) – is a training program for potential entrepreneurs who have a feasible business idea for their own small enterprise. The training helps in developing a detailed business plan and to actually get started. The training also provides an opportunity to test the required entrepreneurial skills and the business plan in a simulated and safe environment. The SYB training course usually delivered in five days using the SYB manual and business plan booklet. The training uses an active, problem-centered learning approach which builds on what the potential entrepreneur already knows. It challenges the entrepreneur by introducing new market dynamics through, for example, short cases and graphic illustrations. Objectives of this program At the end of the program, all candidates should be able to: 1- Describe the content of a Business Plan 2- Consolidate your business idea 3- Translate your business idea into a completed Business Plan 4- Assess your readiness for starting a business Contents 1- INTRODUCTION 2- PART I - Assess your readiness to start a business 3- PART II - The business plan 4- PART III - Reinforce your business idea 5- PART IV - The marketing plan 6- PART V - Staff 7- PART VI - Organization and Management 8- PART VII - Buying for your business 9- PART VIII - Greening your business 10- PART IX - Costing your goods and services 11- PART X - Financial planning 12- PART XI - Required start-up capital 13- PART XII - Types and resources of start-up capital 14- PART XIII - Starting the business

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