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Marketing Essentials

Duration: 2 Days Audience: Marketing professionals.

  • From 2,000 UAE dirhams

Service Description

Overview This two-day training program aims to help you transition from thinking like a consumer to thinking more like a marketer. It takes a step by step approach to clearly outline the whole marketing process from market research to putting together a marketing strategy and a marketing plan. Fundamental marketing concepts will be clearly explained through discussions, examples and activities. In this program, we will also explore the dramatic changes in marketing due to the new advancements in technology, social media and the internet. Course Objectives By the end of this training course participants will be able to: 1- Understand what marketing is and differentiate between sales and marketing. 2- Describe key marketing concepts and terminology. 3- Prepare to commission research and put together a research brief. 4- Demonstrate knowledge and practice steps needed to create a complete marketing strategy. 5- List the components of a marketing plan. 6- Recognize today’s changes in marketing in response to the rise of technology, connectivity, social media and the internet. Outline of topics Module 1: Marketing Primer: 1- What is marketing? 2- Marketing Vs Selling 3- Key marketing concepts 4- The new marketing realities. Module 2: Marketing Research: 1- Why marketing research is important? 2- Problem identification and problem solving research. 3- Types of research data 4- Putting together a research brief and preparing to commission research Module 3: The Marketing Strategy: 1- Defining the Mission. 2- External influences / PESTLE analysis. 3- SWOT analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats 4- Setting marketing objectives 5- The marketing strategy and marketing mix (4P’s) Module 4: The Marketing Plan: 1- Why is a marketing plan necessary? 2- Contents of a marketing plan. 3- Implementation – making the marketing plan work. 4- Marketing plan evaluation and control. Module 5: Marketing in a connected world: 1- Major changes in today’s connected marketplace. 2- The power of the “F” Factor (Friends, Family, Facebook, Fans, Followers). 3- Connectivity as the game-changer of marketing. 4- From traditional to digital marketing

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