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Improve Your Business (IYB)

Duration: 8 Days Audience: Business owners

  • 4,000 UAE dirhams

Service Description

Overview Improve Your Business (IYB) – is a management training programme for owners and managers of small enterprises who want to sustain their businesses, increase sales and reduce costs. It addresses the core question of how to improve the performance of your business. IYB originates from a programme developed by the Swedish Employer’s Confederation for local small and medium entrepreneurs. Later, the methods and materials were adapted by the ILO to meet the needs of people running small businesses in developing countries. The IYB training programme is supported by a set of six manuals. The IYB training uses an active, problem-centred learning approach to small business management through, for example, short cases and graphic illustrations. Contents 1- INTRODUCTION 2- PART I - Marketing 3- PART II - Costing 4- PART III - Buying & Stock Control 5- PART IV - Record Keeping 6- PART V - planning for your business 7- PART VI - People & Productivity

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