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Coaching People For Better Performance

Duration: 2 Days Audience: People managers

  • From 2,000 UAE dirhams

Service Description

Overview In this two-day interactive training program, participants will learn a structured process that will enable them to systematically develop their people and unlock their potential to improve their performance. Participants will learn through a series of hands-on activities, and practice two different coaching models (The continuous support coaching model & GROW coaching model) enabling them to turn work-experienced problems into learning situations. Course Objectives By the end of this training course, participants will be able to: 1- Know what coaching is and the key goals of coaching others for better performance 2- Understand the skillset as well as the mindset of a successful coach. 3- Practice two different coaching models (Continuous Support Model – GROW Coaching Model) 4- Use a structured and professional process to confidently conduct coaching interventions to improve the performance of their people. Outline of topics Module 1: Introduction to coaching: 1- What is coaching? 2- What is involved in coaching? 3- Three key goals of a coaching intervention. 4- 10 Coaching pitfalls to watch out for Module 2: The skills and mindset of a coach 1- The necessary mindset of a successful coach 2- The necessary skill-set of a successful coach. 3- Directive and non-directive language. 4- Evaluate your coaching skills – Self-assessment. Module 3: The continuous support coaching model 1- Specifying performance objectives. 2- Monitoring performance progress. 3- Appraising performance. 4- Positive feedback. 5- Continuous support skill practice role-play activity. Module 4: The GROW coaching model 1- Establishing the Goal. 2- Examining current Reality. 3- Exploring the Options. 4- Establishing the Will. 5- GROW coaching model skill practice activity.

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