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Generate Your Business Idea (GYB)

Duration: 3 Days Audience: All people above 18 years old

  • From 2,000 UAE dirhams

Service Description

Overview Generate Your Business Idea (GYB) is a training program for people who want to start a business but are not sure of the business idea to pursue. It assists potential entrepreneurs to identify different business ideas, to analyze them and select the most promising one. GYB complements ILO’s Start Your Business (SYB) training program as a potential entrepreneur needs to have a clear idea of the business they propose to start. The GYB training course lasts approximately two – three days. The training uses an active, problem centered learning approach which explores individual entrepreneurial potential, desire and needs through, for example, short cases and graphic illustrations. Objectives of this program At the end of the program, all candidates should be able to: 1- Assess whether you have the basic requirements needed to be a successful entrepreneur 2- Clearly explain any business idea that comes to your mind 3- Identify potential sources of business ideas and create an idealist 4- Shortlist and then select the best idea to pursue in order to start your own business Contents 1- INTRODUCTION 2- PART I – YOU AS AN ENTREPRENEUR 3- PART II – A MARKET IS WAITING FOR YOU 4- PART III – YOUR OWN BUSINESS IDEA LIST 5- PART IV - THE BEST BUSINESS IDEAS FOR YOU 6- PART V - YOUR OWN BUSINESS IDEA

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